Where to buy Gold and Silver Bullion Online

We feature bullion from all the well-known online bullion store brands so that you can find great deals on precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum from trusted sources. Top bullion brands include APMEX and JM Bullion. Add to your silver stack with the latest Silver Bars, Silver Rounds and Silver Coins at prices close to the Silver Spot price of today.

Best 10 oz Silver Bullion Deals

These are the best deals we can find on ebay.com using the Silver Spot Price of per troy ounce as the base and calculating the percentage over spot. This is a good way to increase the weight of silver in your silver stack.

Information was correct at time of publishing, please recheck as the silver spot price changes constantly.

Buy Silver at near USD Spot prices

Please click the Buy Now links above on any product you are interested in and re-check the current price and live spot price of silver before making any purchase.

The price changes all the time but you may find that the product is still a similar percentage off of the spot price. Always try to buy your silver as close to the current spot dollar price as you can find.

Bullion Silver Coin Values?

Here are some estimated value of bullion silver coins based on our research of complete sales listing on ebay.com

ImageDescriptionYearWeightConditionMintage MaxEst. Value
2014 1OZ SILVER PANDA SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTIONSilver Panda Smithsonian Institution20141 Troy OzPF70500,000$130

What does it mean over spot?

The SPOT PRICE is the current trading price in the markets for precious metals if you were to buy some today.

The spot price of gold or silver refers to the price of one ounce of the precious metal.

OVER SPOT refers to the premium you are being quoted over this base price for the product being advertised. The closer you buy to the spot price, the less risk you are taking on making a profit if you were to sell it.

Coins attract a much higher premium over the spot price as they have to be minted. So ask yourself do you want to buy bullion bars or bullion rounds close to spot, or pay a premium to store your silver or gold as an attractive coin?

The answer probably is a balance of both.

Best place to buy silver near me?

If you are asking yourself what is the best place to buy silver near me? You may have a local pawn shop or coin store that trades in gold and silver.

Whilst this may be convenient for you to be able to buy your bullion locally, most likely you will pay a premium for this service since these stores do not buy wholesale lots of silver and gold. The online Bullion Stores we feature on Bullion Brands are selling thousands of products every day so often have special offers so that you can buy bullion closer to spot price.

Buying Silver Bullion on eBay the Smart Way

Did you know many of the major bullion dealers sell on eBay? It can be one of the best places to find great deals on silver with low markup over spot from top bullion brands such as APMEX and JM Bullion.

Watch this video from an experienced silver-stacker on just some of the reasons to buy your silver bullion on eBay.

Comparing Bullion Dealers

Before you start buying bullion online, we recommend that you take some time to understand the precious metal products available and where you can purchase them from.

When considering which bullion dealer to use, open several sites on different tabs so you can instantly toggle from one to another to see how they compare.

Start slowly and build your precious metal stack over time.

If your goal is to own silver to save yourself from possible hyperinflation or Government disasters, you want to get the most silver for your dollars in as liquid a form as possible. This automatically rules out high-priced rare and numismatic coins and bars. Do not let sales people pressure you into buying something you didn't intend to.

How to buy Silver and Gold Online

When you start buying precious metals online, use our checklist to make sure you know what to look for from your Bullion Store:

  • Premiums over Spot Price A lot of bullion product listings will state the "premium over spot" to try to attract you to purchase. Make sure this price applies to single quantity purchases and not bulk.

  • Shipping costs Some bullion brands offer free shipping on all orders whilst others may only give free shipping when your order goes over a certain amount. They may also have a flat rate for shipping or charge by volumetric weight. Always calculate your TOTAL cost including all shipping and payment fees.

  • Credit Card Fees Some bullion brands charge a fee for certain types of payment, usually credit cards. This is adding to your total cost and pushing your price higher above the spot price. Since merchants who accept credit cards pay about 4 percent to process them, they pass that cost on to you!

  • Locked-in prices. Find out from each bullion store if they lock in your purchase price at checkout and how long it is locked for. This means they should hold your agreed purchase price while you arrange for payment. Once your order is locked in, you agree to pay that price even if spot drops off a cliff but on the other hand, you won't have to pay more,if the price spikes.

  • Insurance. Do not buy from any bullion store that does not insure their shipments. Compare bullion dealer terms to check if you need to pay separately for the insurance or if it is included in your purchase price / shipping costs.

  • Discretion The last thing you want is the world to know that you are buying and stacking precious metals. Buy from a bullion store that sends you your orders in discrete and protected packaging. This will reduce the chances of it being stolen during transit and just as importantly, minimize the number of people who know what you have hidden under the floorboards!

What does APMEX stand for?

APMEX is the trading brand name of American Precious Metals Exchange. APMEX allows investors to diversify their portfolios with Gold and Silver bullion and offer one of the largest selections of bullion online today.

How to start as a Bullion Stacker?

Our advice to someone who does not have a very large bankroll but really wants to get into collecting gold and silver bullion (known as stacking) is to start off buying what you like and will enjoy owning.

You want to buy something that you are going to enjoy owning and if you're buying it because it happens to be the hot item in the marketplace that's not a good reason for buying something and often times you'll be disappointed.

What you really want to do is to buy something that you'll enjoy. If you enjoy history there are a lot of things that you could buy, such as silver dollars, hand poured silver bars, gold coins and bullion rounds.

Whatever it happens to be, you want to buy something that you will like and that you'll enjoy owning and collecting, and you also want to be able to buy the best that you can afford.

Rather than chasing something that is hot in the marketplace or buying a higher grade of bullion that has a problem you're better off buying something that is very eye-appealing to you and try to form a collection around it. Make sure that your collection tends to match. Buy the most eye-appealing bullion that you can. If they appeal to you now, they'll appeal to someone else later.